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View Diary: Professor Michael Mann is suing the National Review (133 comments)

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    Steven D, Eyesbright

    One minor point: "false equivalence" is more of a grammatical form than a logical construct.

    Each argument that presents in the guise of "false equivalence" can be more carefully described using the informal fallacies. You will find "Begging the Question" at the heart of many of them -- it's a cheap little trick, not requiring more than 10 seconds brain work to construct.

    I've got a copy of Rush Limbuagh's 1992 book "The Way Things Ought To Be" in hand. Surprisingly, it does not reek of swamp water and putrid flesh.

    Logically, it does. I can read three pages at a whack. Then I get dizzy.

    Perhaps this business of "false equivalence" is part of the general Dumbing Down movement. Turn on a television and you will not see much of critical thinking or of facts. Not on the news programs.

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