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View Diary: Senate Judiciary chair Pat Leahy floats federal marijuana legalization (181 comments)

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  •  CA has other issues holding it back (1+ / 0-)
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    We passed the first medical MJ law and it brought a pile of issues to the forefront:
    -CHP completely freaked out about DUI while stoned. There isn't a test that shows you are high, so the CHP has had to go back to field sobriety tests--stand on one foot with your eyes closed and touch your nose sort of thing--and it reopens the courts to DUI challenges. Drug testing doesn't show current 'stoneness', but THC in the last two weeks. With drinking, a simple breath test, followed by blood testing at the jail, and how are you going to challenge the arrest? The CHP has no idea how to deal with pot and driving.
    -A thousand (well it seemed like a thousand!) pot stores opening in LA just destroyed any semblance of public support for medical use. Talk to folks out here and they're negative about pot stores in significant numbers.

    That's just two issues. The People are largely supportive of legalizing pot--polls show this--but they are also very cynical about it. It'll come, but we had to work through negative reactions from the majority.

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