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  •  Minnesota 2014 (6+ / 0-)

    This is going to be a busy cycle in the Land if 10,000 Lakes.

    1. The state GOP absolutely MUST get their act together in order to get back on track. The million-dollar debt simply isn't doing to encourage donors. Sutton's tenure really did put a dagger in the heart of the party, and it will take several years to right that ship, at minimum.

    2. The Republicans really are going to have to hope the DFL shoots themselves in the foot. The DFL controls absolutely everything in the state except the supreme court. If the DFL is seen as overreaching their mandate after being given all the keys in the first time in decades, that will open up a gap for the Republicans to exploit. But really the Republicans can't so anything right now but watch and grumble as the DFL gets to pass their agenda, and hope it either doesn't work, or upsets voters.

    3. There are 5 statewide offices up for election in 2014. The DFL dis a good job staving off retirements and office hopping, but that means that all of the incumbents are on retirement watch. Franken is certainly going to run again, and he has kept his head down and his approvals up, so he may not garner a top-tier challenger from an exceptionally thin GOP bench. Dayton's reelection chances are going to be based on what the agenda is over the next 2 years, and how effective he is at enacting it. Lori Swanson is a shoo-in for a third term if she wants it, but she deeply wants to be governor, and that job is already taken. Swanson is the unquestioned #1 statewide prospect for the DFL for governor or senate. Mark Richie has been high-profile as SOS, but has been seen as effective and generally fair in a position where partisanship is easy and dangerous. Richie, if he runs, will be the prohibitive favorite for a 3rd term. Rebecca Otto is far and away the weakest of the statewide office holders. Yes, she won in 2010, but only just. I think the Republicans have a good shot at breaking the 15-1 losing streak statewide if she runs again. For the DFL, it'd be better if she hung it up after 8 years.

    4. Last and most importantly is retirement and open-seat watch. Will Kline want to stay in the house after his 3 terms as Education chairman are up? Will Paulsen smell blood and challenge Franken/Dayton? Will Peterson call it quits after 24 years in Washington? lots of questions...

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