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View Diary: Your Official End of the World Fundraiser (31 comments)

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  •  Mark, the community has started a list of names (9+ / 0-)

    of people who don't have subscriptions. We are gradually finding generous donors to buy them subscriptions. This list will live in the New Day series every morning at 7:30 AM Pacific. You can send a Kosmail to me, navajo to add a name or let us know you've purchased a suscription for someone.

    Mothership Year-End
    Subscription/Donor List

    Admit it. We all love being here and you know you always need to tip your waitress. If you can't contribute financially, help us make the process easier for those who can by assisting.

    Help us find users who need subscriptions. Help connect them with Kossack Donors.

    I want a prescription subscription to Daily Kos!

     1. ✓lpggirl  given by boadicea
     2. ✓scarletraven given by boadicea
     3. ✓Fishgrease given by Raina? where4art?
     4. ✓stevie avebury given by boadicea
     5. ✓scamperdo
     6. ✓secret38b given by boadicea
     7. ✓Texdude50 given by Wendella and Steveningen for a second year?
     8. ✓BoiseBlue given by eeff
     9. ✓Homer177 given by SoCaliana
    10. ✓Kaos given by Lorikeet
    11. ✓empty vessel given by blue jersey mom
    12. ✓Ole Texan given by politik
    13. ✓Annalize5 given by joanbrooker
    14. ✓luckydog given by Shockwave
    15. ✓pale cold Thank you diary
    16. ✓suesue
    17. ✓northerntier
    18. ✓LilithGardener
    19. ✓blue91 given by m00finsan
    20. ✓Senor Unoball given by paradise50
    21. ✓Sand Hill Crane
    22. ✓gabriella given by smileycreek
    23. ✓KentuckyKat
    24.  entrelac
    25.  teknohed
    26.  kbman
    27.  Bob Love
    28. ✓misterwade given by mergenow
    29.  von Dutch
    30. ✓smiley7 given by 3goldens
    31. ✓MajorKong given by SoCaliana
    32. ✓InsultComicDog given by RenaRF
    33. ✓OIL  GUY given by zenbassoon
    34. ✓CherrytheTart given by zenbassoon
    35. ✓ncheyenne given by TomP and Effervescent
    36. ✓FloridaSNMOM given by joanbrooker
    37. ✓Thomasina given by side pocket
    38.  dadadata
    39. ✓eXtina given by Steveningen
    40. ✓gritsngumbo given by maggiejean
    41. ✓grannycarol given by proud mom and grandma
    42.  jills
    43.  Nebraska68847Dem
    44.  majordomo
    45.  yo bubba
    46.  chanda
    47.  dweb8231
    48.  War on Error
    49. ✓imonlylurking
    50.  chancew
    51.  timmyc
    52. ✓mconvente Thank you diary
    53.  ThirstyGator
    54.  BigOkie
    55. ✓GreenMountainBoy02 given by northerntier
    56. ✓mattc129

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