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  •  after the whole debacle w/Rice I am losing (2+ / 0-)
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    NonnyO, DSPS owl

    confidence in Washington politics and the President's ability to use the lame duck session. This is Obama's chance. He needs to straighten up and reward his supporters who knocked on doors, made calls, spent hours on social media, traveled to neighboring states to campaign ... he needs to recognize the women who came out to support including the numbers of women who were conservative unenrolled/independents who may have set all other politics aside and voted for him simply because they believed he would stand up for them, against the old white men of the GOP ....

    He needs to understand that so many people voted against the GOP as much as voted for him.

    If you campaigned for him, you know that there were people that were less passionate about support for him as they were about getting rid of the growing extremest in the the GOP.

    So why would he appoint an R, especially a man with a poor record of truly supporting women.

    Women are underrepresented in govt, private corporations, banks etc...  we are easy targets when we take leadership positions - and clearly that hasn't changed an iota.

    Women are 51% of the population yet are represented in congress by barely 17%! Until our representation reflects the population, we risk sliding backwards .....

    by 51percent on Fri Dec 14, 2012 at 09:21:30 AM PST

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