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View Diary: "If She Didn't Want Sex, Her Body Would Just Shut Down" (141 comments)

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    it's nice that you've built up the credibility around here to have your defenders, but if anyone without that credibility said the exact words that you did they would have been HR'd out of the thread instantly.

    I applied youre personal experience universal to 'female bodies' in a manner which implied agreement with this judge's statements.  You didn't say "I know this isn't universal, but in my case . . . " or "sometimes injury occurs because of lack of stimuli but . . ."

    And even saying that, it's unclear to me what your point could have possibly been other to agree with the judge.  You are saying that in the case of your particular rape his 'analysis' would have been spot on, physical damage made worse by lack of lubrication was evidence of rape.  The horrible extension is that lack of physical evidence caused by lack of lubrication is evidence that it was not rape.  

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