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View Diary: SoS? How About an Incredible Man. Gen. Wesley Clark (35 comments)

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  •  Bob Kerry Sec-Def, Clark at State... (1+ / 0-)
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    If getting shot at is the qualifier for Sec Def or state, both are as much of more Q'd than J Kerry.

    Needless to say I'd trust Clark to do the job as well as any one, he has proven diplomatic and military leadership skills.

    As a Masshole, I'd like to pass on any more Scott Brown fucking bullshit, so Kerry stays put and I get 2 years of relative peace before the crap starts flying again.... my Nation will just have to help me out on this. ;P

    I really am curious how Bob Kerry isn't even mentioned, he has every bit the qualifications that John Kerry has, and I'd prefer him in the cabinet than the Senate, so, win win.

    None of this overrides my 1st choice at this point... Ambassador Rice .... why? Because It would make McCain's head esplode, and  of course.... freedom.

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