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  •  Child... (0+ / 0-)

    Why don't you run along and educate yourself?

    The pattern of behavior I described started l-o-n-g before your account was registered a couple of years ago.

    And it has continued to now.

    Maybe you don't partake, despite your willingness to join that despicable group.  Maybe you are well-intentioned and don't bully or gang up on others.

    But there are members of that group, including its original members, who are widely known for doing just what I've described.

    It wouldn't take long, if you were to expend the effort, to find more than one other person saying essentially the same thing.

    Try this

    Or this

    You know, my Dad was in the USAF in WWII.  He fought in Europe, after having spent weeks being shelled by Germans at Anzio. He hated guns and we had none in the house when I was growing up.  Now that I am an adult I have none in mine. The fact that you claim to be in the USAF and are willing to be so ignorant on such a deadly topic saddens me.  

    Never stop learning, young man.  Be open to new information and diverse opinions.  But the fact that you "follow" a despicable person such as Pete Cortez, who yesterday advocated for arming teachers and students as a "solution" to school attacks, is sad. At least you didn't recommend that comment...

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