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View Diary: The Real War on Christmas: School Cafeteria Worker Fired For Feeding Needy Student. UpdateX2+Action (141 comments)

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    Ms Dittrich,

    I understand that Chartwells School Dining just fired an employee, Diane Brame, for the unforgivable offense of not just standing by and watching a poor, hungry student starve.  Two weeks before Christmas.

    I would think that your company would be proud to have such a person representing it, and would do something to reward her ... while perhaps coming up with some less draconian way of making the situation right.  Like maybe just having her reimburse the small amount of money, while praising her compassion to high heaven.

    But I guess I would be wrong in thinking that.  You are just another typical example of heartless Corporate America.  

    Money and rules come before all else.

    Compassion and human feeling are fireable offenses.

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