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View Diary: The Real War on Christmas: School Cafeteria Worker Fired For Feeding Needy Student. UpdateX2+Action (141 comments)

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  •  Outsourcing is alive and well in education. (9+ / 0-)

    It is done at the behest of "reformers," politicians, and the business world as a way to provide efficiency and save money. It does neither. Employees are treated poorly and earn few or no benefits. The cafeteria lady, the custodian, the bus driver -- all people who children depended on in the past -- are hired and fired, poorly paid, and moved around from school to school. That old trust is gone. Most people working for a school would empathize with a child in need and try to find a solution. A corporation just looks at the profits.

    Equally bad is that school boards hire out services, then, when something goes wrong, feign ignorance and feel no responsibility. The corporations were not elected to their positions, and elected school boards shirk their duties. The public has nowhere to turn.

    With all this outsourcing, have schools improved? Are students learning more? Have any more teachers been hired? Employees are making less and have less security, and the residual money goes to the bottom line of the company. The taxpayers are supporting large corporations and skimping on their children and young people.

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