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View Diary: Shooting at an elementary school in CT (329 comments)

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  •  I might focus on something else if you don't mind (10+ / 0-)

    How easy it is to kill many people at once with guns, and how easy it is to get guns, legally or not, in this country.

    They have black markets in other countries too, and yet gun violence is nowhere near what it is in the US. Can you answer that discrepancy?

    •  The problem is our culture (2+ / 0-)
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      bjedward, Louise

      Gun ownership is higher in Canada per capita, Canada doesn't have this problem.
      In Switzerland every family has a fully automatic assautl rifle, and this doesn't happen there.

      There is something very wrong with people who would go into a school and slaughter children.  And pretending that telling me I can't own my grandfather's handgun is going to stop this is completely nonsensical.

      I also don't focus only on gun violence, dead is dead.  People will get all worked up over this, but where's the outrage over the two little girls found dead in an Iowa woods recently.  But then, they weren't shot.

      While this site gets all worked over one nut killing 20 kids with a gun, out there 10 sickos are abducting another 20 children, and all the effort to ban guns doesn't stop that one bit.

      But if we worked to stop mental illness and address things like child abusers and abductors, we'd stop violence like this faster than focusing on single weapon.

      •  NO ONE WANTS TO BAN GUNS (5+ / 0-)


        No one cares if you want to own guns.. but we need to have tougher STANDARD background checks (national standard), no gun show loopholes and we need to track ammunition purchases also.

        Would it be 100% effective?  No, nothing could be... but it sure might help.  The current laws aren't working.

        On the other topic I do agree with you that there's something sick and wrong with our culture (which is very militarized and violence obsessed)

        •  And if the shooter passed his background check? (0+ / 0-)

          You say you don't want to ban guns, fine.  But then you give a near certain belief that more background checks and more laws will help.

          Well what if the shooter did pass his background check and was a legal gun owner?  That would mean the laws still aren't "working", so what then?

          My point is that you might as well consider it to be the murder laws that aren't working, rather than the gun laws.  Owning a gun isn't a license to kill, like some here think it is.

          I'm fine with tougher background checks, and at least you admit they won't be 100% effective.  Because once tougher checks are implemented and this keeps happening (because guns aren't the root cause), what then?  We'll be right back here, arguing about banning guns again.

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