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View Diary: When is the right time to talk about this bullshit? (821 comments)

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  •  We don't want to talk about Guns OR Mental Health (10+ / 0-)

    The only emotion countering my sadness at the lost is the anger at listening to the media. They could put in footage from the last mass shooting and it wouldn't sound any different.

    Not the right time to discuss gun control! Then they imply that this was a mentally ill person so gun control would be irrelevant anyway since we can't do anything about teh crazy.

    For the most part this isn't the failing to bathe, talking to lampposts, requiring major medication, keep sharp objects away from this person psychosis that is obvious to anyone with eyes. This is the everyday mental disorders that affect the thousands if not millions of people we come in contact with every day. We don't want to admit that that many of us are walking explosives waiting for a trigger. That we need to recognize this and take preventative steps for mental health as we do with physical disorders.

    And with that is the recognition that unlimited, unrestricted access to weapons of mass violence is actually a violation of individual rights to self-protection because normal humans will continue to cross the line and become sociopaths who can and will commit these tragedies. But we simply can't admit it enough to have a reasonable discussion.

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