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  •  I was pretty alarmed because this was (10+ / 0-)

    more than just snarling or snapping.

    This was a  loud fight with both of their front legs in the air, teeth on display and biting at each other's face and neck.

    I'm really surprised that we didn't find any wounds.

    At the foster parent's house before I got her, my Aussie Holly was involved in a terrible fight with a male Aussie (both alpha dogs).  The jaws of both animals were literally locked together.  Holly received gashes that required many stitches, and one of the other Aussie's teeth puncturing Holly's skull.  The foster parents said they slept with Holly on the floor that night cuz they were afraid she wasn't going to make it through the night.  Maybe that's why this episode is freaking me out a bit.

    But if this kind of behavior isn't out of the ordinary, or isn't necessarily a predictor of future behavior clashes between the two dogs, I guess I'll stop worrying, just keep my eye on them and be ready to move quickly if a problem arises.

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