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    My Cousin Needs Help!

    She has a gorgeous mackerel tabby girl kitty who came to them as a stray (these people discovered they liked cats and didn't know it before she found them).  Said kitty looks like a cross between a Maine Coon and a Norwegian Forest Cat, and has a sweet expression on her face.

    They got a new couch today..., and said girl kitty went for it and started scratching it, of course.

    Anyone have any good safe repellents to recommend?

    I recommended the heavy-duty plastic sewers can get at the fabric stores with the curly push pins to hold it in place for the corners, but they're going to need a better solution than that in the long run.

    Plastic furniture covers?

    Are there safe sprays to repel kitty that aren't going to also make a human retch because of the stench?

    New experience for me..., so I don't have a good solution.  My little swivel rocker still has shredded corners from my Binky years ago.... (Of course, I don't believe in declawing, and don't think cousin does either since this new kitty is an indoor-outdoor cat.)

    I'll pass on any solutions you come up with.

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    by NonnyO on Wed Dec 19, 2012 at 08:42:06 PM PST

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