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View Diary: Time for the "LEADER" of this country to start the conversation about gun control (105 comments)

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  •  as opposed to what (3+ / 0-)
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    saying nothing and having charlton heston come speak for the nra days later just as an "in your face gesture" just for fun...

    the real issue here isn't timing...the real issue here is who has the stomach for the fight.

    their side gives two shits about the victims of today's tragedy if they can be used to further their cause.  you can already hear them saying how teachers should be armed.  

    MORE GUNS! MORE GUNS will save us!

    they don't give a shit whether teachers actually want to be armed or have that responsibility.  whether its factually effective or even reasonable.  and of course if a deranged teacher actually turned a gun on their classroom, then they would just suggest we arm the children.

    again--not about timing.  it's about the nature of the people having the gd argument.

    it's about compassion or lack thereof.  we want to consider the victims.  their families.  we want to take time to mourn.  to evaluate.  to act responsibly. because we're reasonable, compassionate people.

    they don't have those same concerns.  they're just assholes.

    and guess what, every now and then in order to deal with an asshole--you have to be an asshole.  so prepare yourself for this fight--because it IS time to have it.

    •  Both my parents were teachers and I absolutely (0+ / 0-)

      can't imagine either of them being willing to learn to handle a gun as part of their training as educators. Don't these right wingers hate teachers anyway? There are days that I think the far right won't be happy until each of us is living alone on our own compound armed to the teeth and driving to the armed compounds of our friends, presuming we trust anyone enough to call them a friend, in huge SUVs. Meanwhile, we can all educate our children at home. Exactly where all the land for everyone to live like that is supposed to come from, I don't know.

      the real issue here is who has the stomach for the fight.
      This is the truth.

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