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    I reply to friends who say "today is not the day" by asking would you also try to stop me if I had tried to wrestle the gun away from an attacker?  It's not politics (oh, such a dirty word to some).  It's about safety and no moment is too soon.
    As a first grade teacher, i would like to be able to at least know that no one around has weapons for mass assault.  I would also like to be able to lock my door from the outside.  It's possible, but we are not allowed.  However, we would still be able to evacuate quickly as we would only be locking others out.  I can certainly get to the door quickly to let the principal in if she wants to do a surprise visit. :)

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      on being able to lock your door from intruders.  I'm not sure how effective it would be overall, but it might at least buy you a small amount of time in a case like this.  

      Unfortunately, the climate control in most schools I've ever been in has been so poor that teachers needed to keep the doors open at times.

      I think the reaction to all of this will not result in improved gun laws, though I hope it will.  I think instead it will result in a crack down in school security and I think there will be new requirements for reporting on both teachers and mental health professionals.  This will be addressed as a police/security issue about doors, teachers needing to report family members in crisis, mental health professionals given stricter reporting rules for people they deem to be a danger.  I think it will result in more metal detectors, money for private security companies who will exploit this like crazy, etc. and in the end it will crack down on the privacy and security of the populace at large, rather than weak politicians taking on the issues of guns, licensing, assault weapons, etc.  

      And it will keep happening because perfect security is a myth.  People who are determined to kill will always find a way to do it.  The underlying reasons are much more deep and fundamental now in this warmongering, violence loving state where more and more people are struggling.

      "Justice is a commodity"

      by joanneleon on Fri Dec 14, 2012 at 05:40:41 PM PST

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