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View Diary: President Obama statement on Connecticut school shooting (395 comments)

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  •  It's amazing, isn't it, that some people are ... (6+ / 0-)

    ... using this as yet another "blame the President" moment as if one man or one law could effectively alter the trajectories of all the bullets flying around on a daily basis in our nation.  Our gun culture is so much bigger than one man, or one law, and we, each of us, must rise to that great challenge.

    A number of years back, i was in Canada, watching a movie in which Denzel Washington holds a bunch of hostages in a hospital at gun point so his son will get a life saving operation.  I was struck by a movie review in a Canadian newspaper that said something along the lines of, "This father solved his problem the way all American's solve their problems - with a gun."

    The problem is systemic.  There will be no easy fix.

    •  Absolutely (5+ / 0-)

      I see that so many here could not wait for the president to actually speak before whipping out the "I hope he is not spineless" defeatist tone, followed now by "his tears are not enough."  

      There is not a sane person here who does not believe that the time for serious conversation about gun control is long past, and the time for action is now.  But one man  cannot achieve that change.  And by the way, that one man  actually SAID during today's speech and amidst his own tears -- that the time for action had come regardless of politics.  

      It is as you say, a systemic problem, and it will require national effort to address it.  As with all such efforts, we will have to be active at the grassroots level, and the decision makers will have to act.   But the usual fire directed at the president seems so off key today, given his actual words and evident grief, and so discordant when all I feel inside is a mix of horror and profound sadness on this day of national tragedy.

      I vote Democratic because I am a woman with self-respect , who rejects bigotry of all kinds, subscribes to science, believes in universal health care, embraces unions, and endorses smart internationalist foreign policy. Twitter: @HawaiiDelilah

      by Delilah on Fri Dec 14, 2012 at 01:38:43 PM PST

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    •  I'll bet none of them have done anything at the (0+ / 0-)

      local level on gun control. You know let their city council, Gov, County leaders know they will support gun regulation.

      That's where it has to come from. Voters have to care, locally, and support elected leaders who act locally, before there can be statewide elected leaders who can sponsor bills in Congress.

      The complainers here - I'm going to start calling them the magic hat crowd.

      They think the president has accomplished so much by pulling shit out of a hat, that he can just do this one more thing, but hasn't decided to reach into the hat one more time.

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