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  •  Well, right now there are cases that will be in (0+ / 0-)

    front of the USSC about marriage - what's legal in some states (gay marriage) can become unrecognized and illegal in another state.  There was a case in Texas where two men, legally married (IIRC in Massachusetts) wanted a divorce, but since their marriage wasn't recognized by Texas, they weren't married and hence couldn't get a divorce there.

    There have been measures introduced to Congress about forcing states to accept concealed weapon carry permits issued in a different state.  I don't know where those stand.

    The USSC is used to get laws favored by a political point of view heard, where other issues on the same topic are buried and prevented from seeing the USSC because it might reverse a decision.  Citizens United and the ACA have been heavily manipulated as far as which cases go to the USSC and therefore might apply to the country as a whole.

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