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View Diary: Activists rallying at the White House to push Obama to seek tougher stance on gun control (242 comments)

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  •  Paranoid schizophrenia. 17 per 100,000. (1+ / 0-)
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    People who fall into a mental illness that can carry them into waking nightmares. They suffer hallucinations that can transform other humans into apparent phantasmas, threatening ghouls, demons.

    I have seen this face-to-face. The screaming, the loss of control. Gone.

    Guns in the hands of these 17 per 100,000 are bringing a plague of violence on America.

    It doesn't take much to figure out that sane people do not see kindergarteners as mortal threats.

    This was a nightmare beyond nightmares.

    We will never know what this shooter -- Ryan Lanza -- saw in his mind. He did not know the children. He had no reason to be angry at the children as children. It was not "rage," built up over time, such as what you see with domestic violence incidents.

    Guns are ugly.

    Always. What else ??? It's nothing but a tool to kill somebody.

    (Or maybe one of the "RKBA" crowd can write up a neat diary here, turn us all around., Explain how a Bushmaster .223 at $920 is a beautiful hunking-stiff piece of steel. Not deadly in the hands of mad men. Not at all. Convince us that everybody at DKOS should get a Bushmaster for Christmas. And crazy people ought to have two. Paranoid schizophrenics should have four or five. Or not.)

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