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  •  I agree with your outrage (3+ / 0-)
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    but the problem is deeper than just guns.  Yes guns are a problem, but the bigger problem is how our culture and country glorifies violence.

    Its permeates all our entertainment, its treated as a means to an end. Its treated matter of factly in so many areas we hardly even notice it any more.

    Have a problem?  fix it with a gun and some violence.  Its what our entertainment and even govt and military teach us from a very young age.

    I agree we have a problem, and its a very deep one.

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    •  our culture has a sickness (1+ / 0-)
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      Guns are part of it, for sure.
      But we glorify and romanticize war, militarism, and competition. Then we divide, marginalize, and ignore whole communities of people and cut off the ability of individuals to have a sense of belonging. People who work all their lives suddenly seeing their homes or pensions disappear, for example. Young people who can't get out from under student debt and can't access the lives they thought they had been promised. Those who, through no fault of their own have been bankrupted by health care bills. Anyone unfortunate enough to be sick or homeless.
      Meanwhile, we worship individualism and reward rapacious capitalists, greedy CEOs, war profiteers, and unscrupulous hedge fund managers, and other various parasites. And we shake our heads and say why are people so angry.
      In Chicago, where public schools have been left to fail our students, the answer is to open military academies. So we teach them by directly handing our young people guns, because for some reason we can't come up with any better solutions. And then we shake our heads and wonder why we have a violent culture.
      I don't know what the answer is.
      But yeah.

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