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View Diary: Guns: A question of your rights? What about mine? (327 comments)

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  •  Meth-heads (4+ / 0-)

    There's nothing for young people to do in my rural community, and some end up on drugs.  And they get very screwed up, and are very irrational.

    And I have a lot of them living in my small valley.

    I don't trust myself to defend myself with a gun - I'm not that good.  But I do have a rifle to protect my sheep from dogs, coyotes and bears, and I also use it if one is in pain and needs to be put down.

    But I lived in big cities for all but the past 5 years, and I know only two well the different circumstances faced by rural and urban dwellers.

    Which is something I try to explain to my neighbors here.

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