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View Diary: Guns: A question of your rights? What about mine? (327 comments)

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  •  stop trying to pretend (3+ / 0-)

    like i can't scroll up and read your previous comments.  the way that your are DEFINING 'one of your rights' is the issue here, not that you choose to exercise it, and more to the point, that you're siding with the all-gun-regulation-is-bad conspiracy theorists (that's what i was talking about--  i mean please, you're going to resist a theoretical government registration program?  oh, and you have mysterious meth heads supposedly roving all over your property??  you really don't think you sound a little conspiracy-ish???)

    and actually, you're wrong again, because you DO 'condone or approve of what happened today' by the simple fact that you seem willing to derail the entire concept of improving gun safety in this country because you are so worried about imaginary meth head murderers and theoretical government gun confiscations.   your arguments make it seem that you care more about protecting your PROPERTY than about protecting the LIVES of the innocent children who were gunned down today.  

    •  Damn - you can read more into my thoughts (0+ / 0-)

      than I can type on here! I'm really impressed - NOT!

      Go screw yourself for trying to put words & thoughts into my mouth - you know nothing about me, or about what it's like where I live.

      Since you seem to have the ability to "scroll up" to see my previous comments, why don't you just do that again and look at the conversations/interactions I have had with other users tonight that didn't think they were internet doctors/psychologists. Have a good night

      •  i'm not 'being a psychologist' (0+ / 0-)

        and i wouldn't pretend to try.  you stated a lot of things quite clearly, and you remain obstinate in your refusal to weigh violence such as what transpired in CT with your perceived right to unfettered access to any weapon you want.

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