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  •  Think the private site thing somewhat makes (3+ / 0-)
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    glorificus, oldpunk, vcmvo2

    that not apply.  If people tried to put together a, I don't know, "destroy unions, tax the poor, repeal the minimum wage, repeal labor laws, anti-pootie" group (Hmm...whatever happened to pootie diaries, anyways?), it would (And should) be banned.

    The nominal goal of Daily Kos is to elect "more and better democrats", afterall, for some value of "better", that I'd assume including having a position a bit to the left of the RKBA on gun laws.

    That having been said, I don't believe the RKBA should be banned (Not sure you really can effectively "disband" a group, even if you wanted to).  They're liberals, and while I think they tend to be overaggressive, prone to flame wars (Sometimes they start them, sometimes others start them, but I've seen more flame wars involving RKBA folks than in I/P diaries), and reccing nonsense posts as long as they generally seem to be on their side of the equation, the fact remains that they tend to be liberal on other issues, and they do belong here.

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