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  •  The NRA has no ideas about preventing gun violence (8+ / 0-)

    The  NRA is a gun manufacturers lobby. That's it. Their mission is to promote the sale of guns. Period. Everything else, the stuff about personal freedom, the second amendment, the dignity of the hunt, that's all sizzle to sell the steak. They want to sell guns and ammunition, and they don't care about anything else.

    Take a look at their website. You'll have to dig deep to find anything about gun safety. You'd think it would be right on the front page. It would be if they were responsible, if they acknowledged that guns can be tools of evil.

    But they're not responsible. If they were they would be spending a big percentage of their income on safety classes. It's true, they do hold classes, but they spend a vanishingly small percentage of their funds on it.

    If they were responsible, they would be lobbying for changes to the national health care system so that more people could get counseling for depression and anxiety. Instead, they're on the other side of that idea.

    You can make up a big laundry list of the things a responsible organization promoting gun ownership should be doing to ensure that guns in society are a less lethal to society then they are. The NRA can't be bothered with any of that. All they want do do is sell guns. And the folks who joins the NRA and support the NRA because of their stands on personal freedom and the second amendment are just dupes, and worse, stooges, for the marketing hype of gun manufacturers.

    When the NRA puts it's lobbying might behind an American health care system that has the strength and reach to provide mental health screening and care to every American, that's when they become something less than the enemy of every parent who's kids could have been in that elementary school in Sandy Hook.

    Until then, fuck 'em.

    I'm with the diarist who says fuck the NRA.

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