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    I was walking around with this awful feeling all day.  I went to Costco, and there could be no joy, and yet we were still isolated from sharing the grief.
    After 911, I went from a feeling of shared grief to disbelief that it would be used politically so fast.
    I don't disapprove of Weatherdude's display of anger: that is the energy he had, and he chose to use it.  It is but one facet of our collective anger.  Choose to not read, but to me that is what one would expect of this site, nothing to be ashamed of.

    Was walking around Costco (wow I almost called it Wal Mart - America seems most American while shopping to me...), and I was wondering what is becoming of America, then it struck me:

    These things of which you speak are somebody else's externalities.  These tragedies are allowed to happen.  By Pharaoh (my collective name for that faraway entity that decides how it all should be, you can call them Bilderbergers).  Why does Pharoah allow these things to exist?  Why doesn't it work tirelessly to pull in the same direction?

    Mostly I think because Pharaoh is alienated from 47% of us, who don't send our kids to private schools that presumably are safer because, well, everything is better "up here"...

    Pharaoh allows for misery because they appear to it as externalities to be borne upon our backs to reduce their cost of doing business.  And its taking its toll, making us fearful and mistrusting, going crazy from the pressures inflicted upon us daily.

    But, yes, today's tragedy is theirs to bear today, and ultimately theirs alone.  My poor heart, breaking, goes out to them today.

    It is plain it is a sign of a sick society.  Now we are all sick at heart, and we all do bear but an ash of the firestorm that blew apart a community.  But we also bear this.

    There are no words, really...  love one another...

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