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View Diary: Shut Down the NRA group. (281 comments)

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  •  What if there was a Group that celebrated: (0+ / 0-)

    -- The Beslan massacre anniversary, where 380 children were slaughtered.

    -- Colombine.

    -- Slaughtering 2,600,000 Vietnamese.

    -- Killing 5,000 civilians with naval guns in Lebanon in 1983/1984, leading to founding of Hezbollah in 1985.

    -- The Holocaust.

    Why not ???

    RKBA celebrates unrestrained sales of all manner of semi-automatic militarized weapons and lax implementation of procedures and databases aimed to keep guns away from the mentally ill.

    Criminals ??? They're all talk, no realistic action.

    RKBA is not going to get one vote for Democrats. Ever. If it was a hunting Group, then fine. But it's not.

    RBKA members get into flame wars again and again. Make the site less pleasant for everybody else. Add nothing useful.

    It's the same lack of responsibility -- wanting unrestricted freedom for yourself -- that makes it so easy for crazy people to get their hands on militarized automatic or semi-automatic guns.

    •  Not every member is a member for the same reason. (7+ / 0-)

      I believe Denise Oliver Velez said she was a member somewhere above, and I certainly wouldn't characterize her in such fashion.

      I also think some of them might be persuaded to support us.

      I'm not proposing a ban on firearms, but seeking solutions to reduce gun violence through 'well-regulated' solutions.

      For 20+ years, it was 'safe' for the shooter yesterday to be around guns.  But he still was able to easily access them on the day it became 'unsafe'.  We can't create a safety lock that fits onto a firearm that knows how it's going to be used, or by whom.  But we can change how weapons are stored and accessed to make it 'well-regulated'.

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