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    mamamedusa, Glen The Plumber

    I'm seeking legislation that will impact the way in which every firearm is accessed.  

    You'd need to address various key points, and it would take years, maybe decades to fully implement, of course.

    First an ongoing 'buyback' program to purchase back weapons on the street for some trivial amount, as well as restrictions in importing weapons and stricter control of manufacturing and sales.

    Obviously details have to be fleshed out, but one possibility would be to require that all weapons not in use be stored in secure locations, controlled by licensed and monitored 'militia armourers' or police, and checked out by owners and users for use in a similar way to checking out a library book, with a central localized database that would ensure that a given individual was only checking out a single weapon at a time, was certified on that type of firearm, and was, in the armourer's opinion at that point in time not visibly distressed or distraught.

    In fact, under such a system, occasional hunters wouldn't even need to own rifles, but would be able to simple pay a nominal subscription fee (ie, hunting license) to use rifles owned by the armoury, and just bring them back after their hunting trip, not worrying about storage or safety the rest of the year.

    If you were checking out a weapon for long-term use, such as a pistol for home protection, you would be required to bring it in at least yearly to verify you still had possession, and would be required by law to have some fairly hard to break into gun safe at your domicile.

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