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  •  Not mine. (3+ / 0-)

    My goal is a serious decrease in gun violence.

    While banning would be one tactic to attempt such a goal, I see it as unworkable in the short to near term, and unlikely in my lifetime.

    •  We thought in the 50s that civil rights would not (0+ / 0-)

      In the 50s we thought we might get to the moon by the year 2100. We thought it would take lifetimes to decode the human genome. We can do this. It takes work. But we have to change the terms of the debate. We have been fighting on a political battleground dictated by the NRA. There are things we could try to limit gun violence but the NRA will slow walk the legislative process. You have to simplify the terms of reference. Or else we get bogged down in technicalities. Which guns to regulate? What is an assault rifle? The arguments over whether guns make people safer? The state of the research on gun safety is very poor. Because the NRA pushed through Congress laws that banned public health research into gun safety. So we can not have a real discussion on gun safety because the research is old outdated and in many cases discredited. If you have those arguments you will lose. The NRA will not win but they do not need to win the argument. They own Congress. And the part they do not own are scared to death of them.

      So the fight against the NRA has to take place in public. Learn from the wisdom of Occupy and the Tea Party to move Congress. And realize that people rally around simple straight forward ideas. Repeal the 2nd  is more inspiring than Improve the background check system by forcing state governments to up date their databases and sharing of data. The second idea does not fit on a bumper sticker.

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