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View Diary: The Second Amendment Does Not Say You Can Own a .223 Bushmaster Assault Rifle (29 comments)

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  •  you certainly raise some interesting points. (0+ / 0-)

    the bushmaster .223 was the weapon of choice, for the "Beltway Snipers" a decade ago. one reason it's so popular, is because it's apparently very easily converted to a fully automatic weapon. add a 30-50 round clip, and you can go full rambo, without much kick (a .223 round is just slightly bigger than a .22), depending on the load. at close range, it can be a devastating weapon.

    funny thing, the second amendment notwithstanding, the USSC deemed private ownership of fully automatic weapons to be something that, somehow, congress could make laws restricting. further, the very same USSC, deemed it constitutionally ok,  for the very same congress to outlaw private ownership of military-grade weapons: artillery, bombs, hand grenades, etc., all of which are considered "arms", in the expansive definition currently in vogue. while it's true that these rulings came about during the 30's, primarily as the result of the prohibition era gang wars and bank robberies, no subsequent court has seen fit to overturn those prior rulings. given this precedence, it would seem that the current court certainly would have sufficient legal basis to endorse additional gun control laws, if it wanted to. apparently, it doesn't.

    unfortunately, as with just about everything else important in this country, it's all about money, and the boatloads of cash that gun manufacturers have been making, by producing and selling guns like the bushmaster .223, to a lunatic rightwing fringe. also, the boatloads of cash the NRA brings in, to "protect" our "right" to own combat weapons, for "personal protection". and the boatloads of cash all these entities contribute to republican politicians, along with threats to kill them politically, should they even think about supporting/voting for any legislation that might, in some small measure, reduce the ease of availability of guns.

    no doubt, wayne lapierre is a proud guy tonite.

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