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View Diary: Favorite First Ladies: Street Prophets Coffee Hour (22 comments)

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  •  Powerful women. (6+ / 0-)

    Amazed you didn't cite Hillary Clinton. :)

    So my powerful Changeling character's going to go through some heck tonight. Not only has she decided to court someone (who, amazingly, hasn't run away screaming yet), but her Freehold is probably going to interrogate her (again) because most of our players were gone last week. Go figure...was there a holiday or something? ;)

    I won't go into detail. I will, however, say that it amazes me how much even Seasonal changelings expect Winter to behave like Summer.

    Oo, and I'll be wearing my new play-pretty ear cuff. :D My character has been wearing a pretty silver pin from the get-go, a dream-catcher with feathers hanging from it, and now she has a dream-catcher ear cuff to match. Pictures will be forthcoming. I have demanded them.

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