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View Diary: Open thread for night owls: Oligarchs promote 'Big Lie' to secure creditor control over economy (178 comments)

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    JeffW, CA wildwoman

    There is no reason to compromise with the Republicans now. We ought to continue with the sequesters and wait until the new Congress is seated. Right now, any agreement reached has no legitimacy because it will have been made with a lame duck Congress.

    Besides, it doesn't address the real problem. The real problem is wages and jobs. We've suffered years of decline in wages and unemployment is still high. Explain again how this proposed deal will solve that?

    The real driver here is trade. We've lost about half the value of our wages to outsourcing. Any real deal will include some change to our trade policy that brings wealth-producing jobs back to the United States.

    These people are out of touch with reality. If you don't address the trade situation then we'll be back here again in another year or two with Republicans mouthing the same old tired lies.

    The White House needs to be taken out of this loop. We need to deal directly with Congressional Republicans and tell them the facts.

    So, here's a blanket message to the President, VP, and my Senators (Murray and Cantwell). Stop in your tracks. Do not vote for anything until the new Congress comes in. That's your voter speaking.

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