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  •  A thousand amens (26+ / 0-)

    We've let this go too long. Too many of us progressives (not all, of course, but many - including myself) have let the gun fetishists win battle after battle. We've given them so much ground, assuming we've lost this war and deciding to prioritize other fights instead.

    I'm done with giving ground. I have a 2 year old daughter and a son to be born in April. And I will be damned if I'm going to let them grow up in a world of massacre after massacre, a world--a country, I mean--where we're not allowed to talk about the evil being inflicted on our society by the gun culture. I want the gun people to be put on a permanent defensive. I'm finished with them and their bullshit arguments and excuses. I want my country to join the civilized world, because I have to raise my children here.

    It's on.

    •  It really wasn't so much that I let them win (3+ / 0-)
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      BrooklynRaider, Hirodog, MA Mom

      battle after battle, as it really wasn't on my radar. I'm old enough to remember when the gun control advocates actually had some teeth and calling for an outright ban was not unusual. Back then, I felt that people who lived in dense urban and suburban areas, like Northern New Jersey, shouldn't impose their lifestyles on the rest of the country.

      Then I just ignored the issue for a couple of decades. I lived in New York where, as you probably know, they had some of the strictest laws in the country regarding carrying handguns. Basically, you couldn't.

      Thanks, however, to the gun advocates here on Daily Kos, I've become aware that they would like to do what I objected to the suburban mothers in New Jersey doing, impose their lifestyles on other people. They want to spread open carry and concealed carry laws to places where the population doesn't want it. I highly doubt that our large urban areas would be livable if concealed carry were permitted in places like New York.

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