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  •  There are 300 or 400 million (0+ / 0-)

    guns in the country - there's essentially no way to undo that w/o going all North Korea type facist.

    The solution is not gun regulations, it's changing the acceptance of gun culture - one to get things to start turning in that respect is to at least stop glorifying guns on sites like Daily Kos - if we can't even do that, how can we expect other things that are doable right now (e.g., the POTUS to use his "bully pulpit" to speak out) will happen.

    And yes, it will be a long hard slog - but hey, in my lifetime cigarettes went from being glamorous to more or less being a pariah.

    Guns are more entrenched so it will take longer than that, but we have to start sometime.  Ideally yesterday, but since that's not possible how about today?

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