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    Perfectly said. THANK YOU

    Yes, the exchange you had on Facebook probably got under your skin enough to raise anyone's blood pressure a notch or two, but it to only goes to prove that facts and logic and being well-informed beats rhetoric and talking points. The other guy had NOTHING but hot air against your cold hard facts.

    And because it made you agitated enough that you wrote this diary, I'm glad you did get in a heated argument. In one single diary, you decimate all the cheap talking points that the NRA has propagandized. Thoughtful, well-researched, superb diary.

    If you don't mind, I'm copying this to my Facebook page when I share this story:

    I'm actually rather conservative, but the GOP has gone so far to the extreme, I seem like a raging liberal.  :-)  Same with guns, I'm actually quite moderate, but the NRA has gone so far off the deep end in opposing any sensible law, I seem like someone who's anti-gun, when I'm not.

    What do I mean by moderate?  Well, for instance, let's look at that chart again from this August CNN poll (.pdf) about how the American public responded to each proposal.  In every one, I side with the majority of Americans.

    96% of Americans support background checks; so do I.
    57% support banning semi-automatics like the AK-47; so do I.
    60% support banning high-capacity clips; so do I.
    91% support preventing convicted felons and the mentally ill from owning guns; so do I.
    54% disagree with limiting how many guns a person can own; so do I.
    76% support requiring all guns to be registered with the local government; so do I.
    89% disagree with banning guns altogether; so do I.

    Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. ~ Yoda Political Compass: -8.50, -6.46

    by Cinnamon on Sat Dec 15, 2012 at 05:45:54 AM PST

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