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  •  this is one reason I am renewing my CWP (2+ / 0-)
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    kestrel9000, Onomastic

    after having to convince a cop that I was permitted to transport a pistol, in a box in the toolbox of the truck,  picked up from the gunsmith, along with ammo purchased from Walmart and stored in a bag in my glove compartment (gun was .32 and ammo was .38).

    He was adamant that in order to have both present in a vehicle and to not be hunting, required a CWP.  I had my hunting license on me so I convinced him a judge would throw the case out in any case as he could not prove I was on my way to hunt.  In any case, he advised me to renew my CWP ASAP so as to prevent future confusion.

    This gave rise to my question if sword canes were legal under a CWP and I have found no single answer to this question to multiple attorneys, police and couple of judges

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