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  •  Life is inherently dangerous (9+ / 0-)

    No matter how many rights we give up, life will still be dangerous and people will still behave aggressively, because those truths are also self-evident.

    There are several stages of grief, and the earliest are denial,  bargaining and anger.   In our debates over what other rights we can give up, what other laws can we pass, in the wake of this disaster, I can see us going through these stages.  Denial -  "if only there had been a law, this wouldn't have happened".  Bargaining.   "If we just pass another law, this won't happen again."   Anger.  "It's all because those stupid people won't pass the magic law that makes bad things not happen."

    Maybe laws need to be adjusted.  Maybe not.  Maybe we need to beef up our mental health care and create strong reporting programs that are backed by a process by which family members can get their mental ill adult family members or kids into treatment, which, of course, will erode the civil rights of mentally ill people to have their privacy and refuse treatment, but might help to prevent a tragedy.  Maybe we need gun control.  Maybe we need an army of people scouring the intertubes to search out the depressed ramblings of incipient terrorists, despite the risk that they might mistake normal teenage angst for a terrorist threat and swoop down out of nowhere to arrest one of our kids who was just exercising his right to free speech -- expressing his emotions through writing, as perhaps he should do, so that they were not bottled up and eventually expressed through actions.

    Either way, bad things will continue to happen.   Life will continue to be dangerous.   People will continue to act aggressively.  We will eventually progress through the stages to grief and acceptance, until the next horrifying reminder of basic human nature gone amok.

    Thank you for writing this, TeacherKen.  

    Another thing that is self-evident, is that basic human rights are only observed where social structure enforces them, and often, not even then.   If we take human rights for granted, and don't fight to defend them, they can vanish in a puff of smoke.

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