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    Karl Rover, SadieSue

    I want an assault weapons ban.  They make about as much sense for "the right to bear arms" as do nuclear weapons.  Neither should be in the hands of citizens.

    But, I agree that as much as I don't like the NRA, I would like to see any first steps to start making owning a gun a more serious issue.  Anything to slow it down.  Police officers need to go through vetting, education, and training in order to carry a gun.  They are required to learn how to secure a gun.  The mother of the gunman owned guns legally.  Did she have them secured or were they easy access for her son?  There was another shooting where the guns were stolen from a home.  Was there a better way to secure them?  Of course this will not cure everything and make guns safe (oxymoron) but right now hearing the CNN guy say that he was able to go into a store and come out 20 minutes later with a semi automatic using only a driver's is just ridiculous.  Let's start with the guidelines used for police officers as our baseline.  To get a driver's license, you have to pass a test both written and in practice.  We could do something more to make gun ownership less like owning a toy and more like a huge responsibility and liability.  Maybe you have to carry insurance to cover victim's loss.  That would let insurers create hoops to make you less of a liability.  I need insurance for a car.  How is a gun less dangerous than a car?

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