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  •  Rod Paige (7+ / 0-)

    I like to repeat this every time Rod Paige is mentioned because I don't think people know how much he may have been involved in the damage of the US education system

    From 1994 to 2000 he was superintendent of Houston Independent School District in Texas.  During this time he implemented high stakes testing and extreme pressure to reduce the drop out rate which resulted in the Houston Miracle. This so-called miracle, however, was a fraud, centered around Sharpstown Senior High School.  Paige, along with Bush, brought this fraud to the nation and now we are here, teachers being denigrated, even as they give their lives to save the children.

    Of course Paige was an executive, and like all executives denied any knowledge of the fraud.  Obviously the top executive of the district had no way of knowing the test scores were inflated, nor should he have known about the misbehavior of his principles.  So instead of facing charges for manipulating federal data, he was promoted to secretary.  Such is life.

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