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  •  I disagree (18+ / 0-)

    Republicans are not in a room brainstorming about this. They already knew what they were going after when this happened. They do not wait to plan their attack after a tragedy. They just wait for a tragedy to unleash their attack. The GOP needs tragedies like this to survive. This tragedy was a perfect opening for them to talk about how God has been taken out of schools and if only, prayer was allowed then this never would have happened. Look at Huckabee and the head of the AFA. They were just waiting for the okay from on high and then attacked.

    •  case in point from NH... (2+ / 0-)
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      truth2008, VetGrl

      Here in NH, our House of Representatives went from a narrow Democratic majority to a huge Republican majority back to a narrow Democratic majority in the course of 3 election cycles.  One of the leaders of what is now the Republican minority is one State Rep. Al Baldasaro, an ex-marine who has a very high regard for his own courage, political savvy and eloquence.  Both lterally and figuratively, he sticks to his guns.

      His very first public utterance after Sandy Hook (the first of several utterances) was a Twitter tweet worrying about how the Democrats would take away his guns:

      And he hasn't backed down from that position.  Most recently he tweeted:

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