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  •  I work in two elementary schools (10+ / 0-)

    each built with the 'open concept' floor plan, much to the chagrin of the teachers.  No doors for any classroom.  No where to hide.  A few small offices with doors, but that's it.  So if the gunman came in either school, the kids would be sitting ducks.  And one of them has a portable, so the side door to the main building has to be kept unlocked during the school day so the kids can come and go, since there are no aides in the classroom to send with them.  And the district is short of funds anyway (no COLAs for 4 years and counting) so restructuring is out of the question.

    We should not be fighting about equal pay for equal work and access to birth control in 2012. Elizabeth Warren

    by Leftleaner on Sat Dec 15, 2012 at 06:11:23 PM PST

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