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  •  The fundamentalist God of the (0+ / 0-)

    far-Right Christian outfits -- the God referenced by Fischer and Falwell and Huckabee etc. -- does seem to be a small and petty God, as gods go.

    On one hand, He presides over school curricula from coast to coast.  If He is prevalent in a school's daily lessons, no one gets hurt.  If He is not, or interpreted by Huckabee as absent, twenty children die.  

    A lot of people who do not believe in that sort of God might find that claim all wrong.  IMO the claim is as wrong as it is vile.  

    I'm not a 1 percenter but I'd pay a handsome entry fee to a debate on this subject between either Fischer or Huckbee and Bill Moyers, himself a Baptist minister.  Would that all Baptist ministers were like Bill Moyers.  Would that all news analysts were like Bill Moyers, for that matter.  

    To President Obama:  The time to begin serious talk on guns is now.  Many of us would be very grateful if you could set this dialogue in motion.  


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