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View Diary: Can we arm ourselves against guns?-- A veteran's view (10 comments)

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  •  A Student of Mine (2+ / 0-)
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    DaNang65, Lujane

    Ardently argued for arming college students after Virginia Tech, his reasoning being that the armed student could stop a massacre.

    "How would I know you're not the bad guy?" I asked. "Well, because I'd only bring out my gun if someone else was shooting," he replied.

    "How would I know you're not in league with the bad guy?" I persisted. "Well ... cuz I wouldn't be," he stuttered.

    "Let's say you're coming to class every day carrying concealed. This is a class where arguments can sometimes become very heated. How would you not pose a threat to your classmates if they know you're armed during arguments?" He replied "I'm not a nut. I'm just not a threat."

    "Let's ask the class," I said. So I did. Much to my non-surprise the rest of his classmates (most of whom considered him a nut) said they would feel completely intimidated by armed co-students. A couple of Iraq vets in the class agreed with me for the same reasons spelled out in this terrific diary. Both said when the shooting starts it's awfully hard to sort out the good guys from bad when no one's in uniform and everyone is armed, and neither one of them thought allowing students to carry weapons to class was any solution.

    •  Would have loved sitting on that exchange (2+ / 0-)
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      DaNang65, Lujane

      Only thing I could add would be the questions "How much practice have you had hitting armed, moving targets in life or death situations? Are you sure you could hit a gunman in one or two shots without hitting anyone or anything else?"

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