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  •  The news people were full of (1+ / 0-)
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    discussions about praying as a response to all this. One reporter on CNN when asked what people can do for those affected by the tragedy responded "They can pray for them, Wolfe"

    I sat there and thought "No. Prayer will NOT help these people. What will help them is if we all go to Congress and insist on stronger gun control laws. It is love and comfort from fellow human beings that will get them through this, not some sort of supernatural imaginary deity."

      Prayer only makes a person FEEL like they are doing something, but there is no one on the receiving end of that activity and no entity that will either prevent or fix events in the real world.  People in the community went right away to churches looking for relief for their grief and fear and all the pastors and priests have to offer is some sort of same old explanation about "God's plans" and how we are not meant to understand all this.  Nonsense. "God " always is let off the hook with this stuff.  He/She doesn't act in the world to prevent evil or influence evil events, but He/She does act in the world to do all kinds of other things.  That has to mean that "God" chooses not to use his/her powers in a way most humans would see as moral, which makes "God" evil at worst and useless at best.

    •  ++ Prayer in these circumstances (1+ / 0-)
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      is really a way of verbalizing what you are feeling, your sadness and your condolences for those suffering. But if we can't label it prayer then we have to admit we are talking to ourselves.  Calling it prayer gives us a pretend audience and makes it feel better.

      •  It's also a form of meditation (1+ / 0-)
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        which is an activity that occurs totally within own's own mind.   We actually have a lot of inner strength and pretty amazing abilities to handle various situations. Unfortunately most people confer the credit for that to a god or gods.

        It's like when someone survives a medical issue and everyone gives credit to a deity or a "miracle" rather than to the skills and intelligence of a doctor or nurse.

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