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  •  My own take is that it's less about attitude and (9+ / 0-)

    more about mental health and the great stress that people are so often under. People can only take so much before they snap. In a more humane society, one where mental health issues were taken more seriously and the safety net more worthy of the name, the wages more livable, the jobs more plentiful, etc. people like this might have found help or solutions to their problems before coming to such a tragic point. I admit that's just a theory. But a strong one I think.

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      I'm very tired of all the ranting and raving about how this because of GUNS.  Certainly we could tighten up a bit on our gun laws, but fundamentally, it's about two things: stress and population density.  Animals (and humans are animals, deep down inside) react badly to excess population density, resource scarcity, resource (food) uncertainty, and fear.  Young males tend to be the ones that snap first.  They're the canaries in the coal mine indicating that stressors on our entire society have reached a critical point.  But we see them breaking all around us, and we don't get the message.  Stress kills.  Usually just the stressed individual, but there are also chain reactions.

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