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View Diary: Multiple news reports: John Kerry to State (344 comments)

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    Swamp Cat, JBraden

    Do the three of them have tough races in tough states?  Of course.   But to say some of them are "gone" two years out is just defeatism.

    Mary Landrieu is far from my favorite Democrat, but she's a tough, seasoned politian who isn't going down without a fight.  Her re-election in 2002 against all the odds should be read about in poly sci and history textbooks.

    •  Ah yes (0+ / 0-)

      Who can forget about good ol' "Operation Icing on the Cake"?

      If she can survive THAT year, surely she can survive 2014.  (She may get a major boost if recently-defeated congressional wingnut Jeff Landry turns out to be her opponent, as I suspect will be the case.)

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