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View Diary: Shut Down the NRA - Goals, Tasks, Methods (67 comments)

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  •  My own first stab at a group outline/mission... (10+ / 0-)
    Shut Down the NRA (and Amend the 2nd Amendment)

    A group to document News of gun violence, to create a Community of gun violence prevention advocates, and to create a platform for Action to work towards breaking the hold of the NRA on politicians and changes to gun law that will actually result in significant, measurable decreases in American gun violence and fatalities.  We will seek to identify prevention strategies from around the world and from within the military that are demonstrably linked to decreased gun violence, to create white papers for individual activist to use in talking points to spread via social media, when speaking to media, or to provide to legislators to try to shape legislation that addresses the keys to preventing gun violence, and eschew traditional approaches to 'gun control' that have no demonstrable statistical impact on such violence.

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