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  •  Obama doesn't need to make (4+ / 0-)
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    xsonogall, Via Chicago, Arnie, FG

    a legacy for himself. That's already been done.

    The man is a class act and many may disagree with the speed and passion on which he moves, but his consistency is beyond the pale. One thing he doesn't do is waste time and energy on things he knows is a fools errand. I know here at DKOS the prevailing wisdom is to bang one's head on brick walls till they crumble. More power to them, but this is something he will have to evaluate when all the dust settles. This time, I think he will see a way to beat the monster under the bed once and for all.

    Lets see what he comes up with, because if he does see a chance, you can bet he will have a better plan than you or I would ever come up with.

    GOP- Fact Free since 1981!

    by KingGeorgetheTurd on Sat Dec 15, 2012 at 03:36:44 PM PST

    •  What a load of utter (0+ / 0-)

      bs. I haven't read anything lately that has come close to this comment, it's not even comprehensible double speak. You said nothing, nothing at all. Just gibberish.

      What monster under the bed, the violent one that says 'Terrorist's are gonna kill yer family' and we got to kill them and any one how might me a terrorist, as if they were bugs? Or maybe the monster that says guns don't kill just lunatics armed with guns and the law to run around waving guns in every bodies face, and oh yah some armed to the teeth creep just killed 28? people.

      Beat your own head in. This is not a brick wall it is a human construct built of fear, violence, ignorance and ass backwards anything decent that is human..

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