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View Diary: List Of Congressional Candidates Who Accepted Donations From The NRA (18 comments)

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  •  THAT IS NOT WHAT THEY DO! (4+ / 0-)

    On the page linked to, under the 'Summary' tab for the National Rifle Association, it describes the NRA as...

    "The National Rifle Association goes to great lengths (and spends a huge sum of money) to defend the right to bear arms"

    THAT IS NOT WHAT THEY DO, they are a Trade Association, and as such they are defending their right to SELL FIREARMS, not bear firearms.

    Again, this is about SELLING FIREARMS, that's what the NRA is about, that's who they represent, gun manufacturers.

    That's an important distinction to make, people need to stay focused on the fact that this about GUN SALES, this is about money and greed.

    That's also what "gun control" (more sensibly called "gun laws") is about, it's about preventing the SALE OF GUNS to murderers.

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