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View Diary: Guns of December: Have the Apologists For Slaughter Finally Gone Too Far? (315 comments)

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  •  Why should 'everybody' (16+ / 0-)

    have to live in a society that is armed to the teeth with assault guns or semi automatics or what ever these maximum kill guns are called. I resent gun advocates telling me that I need to 'learn' about these weapons of mass killing or sport and protection, because we all need to be armed or some such paranoid creepiness.

    Personally I think owning these types of weapons for sport is sick. A symptom of our national love of violence. Why not disarm the people who have such a low regard for human life. Why does their insane paranoid world of a 'right' trump the most basic human rights like life liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Who the fuck wants to live in Somalia or Florida or any other uncivilized barbaric and cruel society where human life is cheap.

    This is not progress it is going backward reverting instead of progressing. It's even scarier than the wild wild west as technology has out steeped human progress. So here we are with guns that can kill faster and more efficiently and people who do wouldn't know a human right if it bit them and furthermore believe that their right to kill anything they find threatening supersedes anyones right to life.

    Sorry about the run on sentences but I am really upset that all discussion ends up cowtowing to gun nuts or as they like to call themselves 'responsible gun owners' or collectors. I don;t want my grandkids to learn how to shoot. I want a country where it's safe to go out in society without being threatened by armed and dangerous lunatics including those who think guns are necessary for protection. Whose going to protect us from these people with their fucking guns. Even their terms of debate are threatening and generate fear. Fuck fear.          


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