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View Diary: This is Victoria Soto, She Gave Her Life to Save Her Students (70 comments)

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  •  I read in another article (18+ / 0-)

    that she stood in front of the door of the closet where the children were hiding, to help cover the fact that they were in there and to help shield their bodies with hers.

    •  another teacher who died, didn't catch name (1+ / 0-)
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      was found body draped over the small bodies of some of her kids.

      Because of the lockdown protocal ALL the teachers did what Vicki did..locked kids in cupboards and closets

      likely that all the teachers who died in classrooms or many of them died like VIcki, sadly.

      this doesn't detract from what Vicki did.
      they are all heroes very likely, I am not just saying that. The lockdown protocol put teachers in harms way to protect the kids and the teachers knew that and practiced it.

      put kids first then teacher.
      we'lll get the details of course. The stories of teachers such as the music teacher holding one door closed the other baraccaded with big instruments the shooter pounding on the door let me in...telling her students she loved them

      so many looked death in the face for these kids. We will see  this more as it unfolds
      this lockdown system they had saved MANY lives. The teachers willing participants were truly heroic

      and if Vicki thew herself in harms way as some say....she more than others
      she's been spotlighted more because her family has been more vocal (everyone grieving has different needs) and cousin has been interviewed getting her story out but I suspect ALL the teachers who died died simmilarly to Vicki
      RIP Victoria.

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